Yes, I like princesses in my books and no, I’m not ashamed of it (except that I’m maybe not necessarily going to mention it if I’m in a literary conversation with someone who has read and enjoyed anything by Tolstoy)

Chunks of mango and pineapple hit the wall of the blender, loudly whizzing around with coconut milk and kale leaves as I make a Turmeric Lemon Cleanser—our most popular smoothie at work. I’m convinced everyone just orders it because it’s called a TLC, and anything with both self care and the word cleanser in the […]

Houseguests, Or, What Do Men Think Is Going To Happen If God Forbid They Change The Toilet Paper Roll?

  “How’s being a bachelorette?,” my dad asked. “You mean how’s having four husbands?,” I countered. Three of my partner Michael’s best friends are visiting from Scotland, and staying with us for a couple weeks. They’re top and tailing packed like sardines in the small room formerly known as my office. In preparation for their […]

I went grocery shopping without a list, here’s what happened

After a lunch of double-heel-pickle-and-cheese-sandwich (surprisingly edible, thanks to my resident head cold), I figured it was time to go shopping. Grocery shopping is always such a chore, thanks in particular to my guilty pleasure of pretending I’m a Stepford wife in the kitchen. Seriously, meatloaf even makes an appearance sometimes. The crafting of the grocery list […]