Houseguests, Or, What Do Men Think Is Going To Happen If God Forbid They Change The Toilet Paper Roll?

  “How’s being a bachelorette?,” my dad asked. “You mean how’s having four husbands?,” I countered. Three of my partner Michael’s best friends are visiting from Scotland, and staying with us for a couple weeks. They’re top and tailing packed like sardines in the small room formerly known as my office. In preparation for their […]

I went grocery shopping without a list, here’s what happened

After a lunch of double-heel-pickle-and-cheese-sandwich (surprisingly edible, thanks to my resident head cold), I figured it was time to go shopping. Grocery shopping is always such a chore, thanks in particular to my guilty pleasure of pretending I’m a Stepford wife in the kitchen. Seriously, meatloaf even makes an appearance sometimes. The crafting of the grocery list […]